ABSC Constitution

1.1 For the purpose of this Constitution, the following acronyms shall apply:

ABSC African Billiard & Snooker Confederation

IBSF International Billiards & Snooker Federation

OCA Olympic Council of Africa

IOC International Olympic Committee

WCBS World Confederation of Billiards Sports

NOC National Olympic Committee

NSA National Sport Association

AGM Annual General Meeting

EGM Extraordinary General Meeting

2.1 This organisation shall be named the “African Billiard & Snooker Confederation”, hereinafter referred to as the “Confederation” or bearing the acronym “ABSC”.

2.2 The ABSC is accredited by the OCA, the IBSF and member countries as the ABSC for their respective multi-sport games in Africa. It is duly represented on the Board of the IBSF, and, through the latter, directly or indirectly on the WCBS Board.

3.1 The registered address of the Federation shall be as designated by the Confederation. The correspondence address shall coincide with that of the office of the President for the time being.

4.1 The official language of the federation shall be in English.

5.1 The Object of the federation shall be:

5.1.1 to promote, foster, sanction and promulgate the game of “Billiards & Snooker” throughout Africa;

5.1.2 to advise NSAs on all aspects in organising “Billiards & Snooker” under ABSC competitions and conditions;

5.1.3 to foster friendly relationship among all NSAs so registered within or without the federation;

5.1.4 to co-operate with the WCBS, IBSF and any other international/regional organisations of the billiards sports for the common promotion thereof;

5.1.5 to become joint partners, sponsors, promoters and organisers for the sport;

5.1.6 to publish newsletters, journals, periodicals, and articles of common interest on the billiards sports;

5.1.7 to help promote pool and carom and to work closely with their federations for organising the billiards sports in multi-sport events within Africa; and

5.1.8 to do any such other things or matters that will further enhance the good image of the sport and/or the Confederation.

6.1 The organisation structure of the ABSC shall consist of the President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer; and two (2) members

7.1 The Executive Board (hereafter referred to as the ”Board”) shall comprise the elected Executive Officers, namely, the President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, together with two board members.

7.2 The Board shall exercise such administration powers that are consistent with and in conformity to the provisions of the Constitution.


8.1 The Executive Officers, elected at an AGM, shall comprise the President; Executive Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. They shall be in full charge of the day-to-day administration of the Federation.

8.2 The Executive Officers shall be elected for a term of four (4) years at an AGM; each is eligible for re-election upon expiry. Every candidate for an elective office shall be nominated, duly proposed and seconded by a Country Member who is in benefit. At its first available opportunity.

8.3 Nomination for Election of Executive Officers

8.3.1 A candidate standing for election and having been duly nominated, properly proposed and seconded, for any executive position shall be required to submit his written consent thereto, either by himself or by proxy, to the Secretary at least six (6) weeks before the AGM concerned.

8.3.2 Such a nomination shall be either proposed or seconded by his own Country Member, together with a brief resume of his track records of service hitherto rendered to the game and/or the ABSC, to be further supplemented by a brief manifesto of his service contributions if elected. This submission so received by the Secretary shall be circulated to all Country Members at least four (4) weeks prior to the said AGM.

8.4 President

8.4.1 The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Confederation; he shall preside at all meetings of the ABSC and have a general supervision of the affairs thereof. He shall sign and countersign all certificates, vouchers and any outgoing cheques for payment on behalf of the ABSF. He shall submit a report to the Council at an AGM and perform such other duties incidental to his office or as are properly required of him by Council for due performance.

8.5 Executive Vice-President

8.5.1 The Executive Vice-President shall exercise such functions and duties of the President in the latter’s absence. He shall have such powers and shall discharge such responsibilities as may be assigned to him from time to time by the Council and/or the President.

8.6 Honorary Vice-President (Championship)

8.6.1 The Honorary Vice-President shall be the current president of a Country Member so entrusted with the responsibility to organise the African snooker championship for that year. He shall report to the Board from time to time the progress concerning the aforesaid organising.

8.6.2 His term of office shall commence from the date of appointment of his Country as host for the said championship till the conclusion thereof. He is required to summarise at the AGM any problems hitherto encountered therefrom for future improvements by subsequent hosts.

8.7 Secretary

8.7.1 The Secretary shall carry out such daily affairs of the federation and shall perform such duties as may be assigned/delegated thereto by the President and/or the Executive Board. The Secretary shall handle all correspondence, issue all notices of meetings, keep all minutes and hold custody thereof all records of the Confederation.

8.8 Treasurer

8.8.1 The Treasurer shall hold in trust all monies and securities of the federation and keep a good record on regular bookkeeping and accounts thereof. He shall disburse such funds in such manner as may be authorised for time to time by the President and/or the Executive Board or Council.

8.8.2 He shall prepare the annual audited accounts of the federation for circulation to all Country Members at least thirty(30) days before each AGM. He together with the Secretary and/or the President shall be the signatories of all authorised out-going cheques and telegraphic transmissions issued on behalf of the ABSF.

8.9 Vacancies

8.9.1 Any vacancy in office of the Confederation arising from whatever causes may be filled in such an acting capacity for the remaining term by appointment of the President in consultation with the Executive Board. Except in the case of the vacancy of the President, the new President shall be duly elected at the next AGM or by postal

ballot under Article 13 herein. For the time being, the Executive Vice-President shall be the acting President of the ABSC.

8.10 Co-opted Officers

8.10.1 The President may, in consultation with the Executive Board, appoint such coopted officers as the ABSC may deem necessary or expedient for the good running of the Confederation. Such co-opted officers shall hold office under such specific terms so determined therefor. Co-opted officers shall be entitled to attend an AGM or any other authorised meetings but shall have no voting rights therein, unless they are also the duly accredited delegates representing their own Country Members.

9.1 The Council shall convene an AGM to coincide with its annual snooker championship, and any other such meetings as may be necessary.

9.2 Country Members and/or Executive Board members attending the said AGM shall be members who are in benefit in their annual subscription payments at the material time.

9.3 Eight (8) weeks prior to the date fixed for the AGM, the Secretary shall issue a written notice thereof setting out the date, time and venue of the said meeting and the agenda containing, inter alia, the following listed business to be transacted thereat, including any motion hitherto received under the Constitution and necessitating decision thereof:

9.3.1 To read the notice convening the AGM;

9.3.2 To read and approve the minutes of the previous AGM or, if applicable, the minutes of other Council/Board meetings hitherto convened;

9.3.3 To receive the President’s report;

9.3.4 To receive the Annual Report from the Secretary;

9.3.5 To receive the Treasurer’s audited Statement of Accounts for the year ending December 31 preceding, and a current statement of accounts ending one (1) month preceding the said AGM;

9.3.6 To receive a report from the host Country Member on the on-going championship;

9.3.7 To elect, where applicable, the Executive Officers, whose term of office shall be biennial;

9.3.8 To decide on the next hosting Country Member for the African snooker championship, and, if available, two (2) other Country Members for subsequent hosts;

9.3.9 To decide on any circulated motion(s) for which a four (4) week notice has been duly given by the Secretary in advance; and

9.3.10 To conduct any other business.

9.4 Quorum at Meetings

9.4.1 At an AGM, one-third of the total Country Members in benefit present shall constitute a quorum. At any other meetings, a simple majority thereof shall constitute the required quorum.

9.4.2 At all Executive Board Meetings, one half of the Board members present shall constitute the required quorum.

9.4.3 In the event of a quorum not being achieved at an AGM within one (1) hour after commencement time, the said AGM shall be declared null and void. Thereafter, if it is proceeded thereon by request from the floor, it shall remain null and void, save for the purpose of discussions for consideration.

9.4.4 If the aforesaid AGM has been aborted due to lack of quorum, a fresh AGM, if necessary, may be convened, based on the same procedures, timetable and agenda as per the aborted AGM. If no quorum is further achieved at this reconvened AGM, it shall be proceeded therewith as constitutional, irrespective if there be a quorum achieved thereat or otherwise.

9.5 Voting

9.5.1 At an AGM, each Country Member is entitled to one (1) vote; Affiliate Members are not entitled to vote. Proxy votes are not allowed under whatever circumstances.

9.5.2 At an AGM, the Country Members present shall appoint a Returning Officer who shall not be a candidate standing for election and having no direct conflict of interest thereat, to oversee the election process. Two (2) other scrutineers may be appointed from the floor to assist in the said election process.

9.5.3 All votes cast at an AGM shall be duly counted. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Country Members, candidates, officers of the ABSC whose subscriptions are not in benefit at the material time shall not be entitled to vote or stand for election, as the case may be.

9.5.4 The chairman of the AGM shall have the casting vote on all issues in the event of a tie. An Executive Officer shall not be entitled to vote, unless he is similarly the duly accredited delegate representing his own Country Member thereat.

9.5.5 Save on matters relating expressly to Articles 10, 11.6, 13 and 15 herein, all other matters requiring voting shall be decided thereupon by a simple majority of votes either by a show of hands or as expressly required by the floor for secret balloting.

10.1 For the purpose of calling an EGM, all procedures relating to the conduct of an AGM shall equally apply herewith, save that the said agenda so circulated and the proceedings conducted thereof, shall explicitly be confined to the said motion(s) contained therein. An EGM is only called by the approval of the ABSC board.


11.1 Country Member

11.1.1 A Country Member shall mean a NSA duly accredited by its NOC, or its equivalent, for the “Billiards & Snooker” or any other disciplines of the billiards sport or an accredited delegate attending the AGM/EGM of the Federation.

11.2 Affiliate Member

11.2.1 A NSA not yet accredited to its NOC or a person or a trade organisation having substantial dealings with the billiards sports, may apply to be an Affiliate member of the ABSF.

11.2.2 Affiliate Members shall have the rights to attend the AGM/EGM, as observers, but they posses no voting rights or hold any office of the ABSC.

11.3 The acceptance of membership by the ACBS is governed by a majority decision of the Executive Board or of the Council, whichever is applicable, made either at an AGM or by postal ballot under Article 13 herein, provided always that the said Country Member so accepted shall:

11.3.1 be accredited as the NSA for the billiards sports by its NOC or by any other similar government agency;

11.3.2 possess a constitution, by-laws, rules & regulations that are in general compliance with the aims and objects of the Confederation;

11.3.3 pay the entrance and subscription fees as prescribed;

11.3.4 undertake to abide by the ABSC Constitution & By-laws;

11.3.5 uphold the image, integrity and ethics of the Federation;

11.3.6 abide by all the rules & regulations so issued by the ABSC from time to time; and

11.3.7 participate, whenever possible, in its AGM, annual competition and/or any other competitions so sanctioned by the ABSF.

11.4 ABSC Jurisdiction in Membership

11.4.1 Notwithstanding the aforesaid, in the event of an indecision arising from the aforesaid, the ABSF shall remain the sole judge and authority in the acceptance of its memberships.

11.5 Application Procedures

11.5.1 Intending applicants shall complete on the prescribed application forms and submit same to the Secretary, together with the relevant fees, a copy of its constitution, its registration certificate and/or any other documentary evidence in support of its accreditation status by its NOC.

11.6 Resignations

11.6.1 A Country Member or an Affiliate Member not in breach of its membership obligations, may resign therefrom the ABSC, in good standing by giving one (1) month due written notice to the Secretary.

11.6.2 Any Country Member whose membership has been terminated due to nonpayment of membership subscriptions may apply for reinstatement, which approval is subject to the pleasure of the ABSC and, if so approved, it is further subject to payment of arrears and any applicable administration charges so

incurred therefrom.

11.7 Suspension and Expulsion of Members

11.7.1 A Country Member or an Affiliate Member may be suspended from ABSC membership, if it fails to pay its annual dues or charges, for two (2) successive years.

11.7.2 A Country Member or an Affiliate Member may likewise be expelled from ABSF membership, if it is found acting wilfully in an ignominious manner that is prejudicial or detrimental to the fundamental interest of the Federation, or that it has brought disrepute thereto.

11.7.3 Notwithstanding the aforesaid, prior to any such expulsion being taken against the defaulting Country Member, the Executive Board shall appoint an investigating committee to investigate into the said matter, which proceedings shall accord an equal opportunity to the accused to enter its defence.

11.7.4 After due investigation, if the said Member is found guilty for the breach that warranted its expulsion, the Secretary shall issue a written notice thereof to the said effect, with copies to be circulated to all Country Members. Such a decision shall be duly ratified at the next AGM.

11.8 Reinstatement

11.8.1 Any Country Member so suspended or expelled may apply for membership reinstatement, after a lapse of six (6) months thereof, which reinstatement, with or without conditions, shall be by decision of the Executive Board, duly ratified at the next AGM.


12.1 For effective management, the Executive Board is empowered to appoint standing committees, sub-committees and ad hoc committees to act on specific functions so delegated thereto.

12.2 The respective chairman of such committees shall preferably be an Executive Board Member. And any such committee may be dispensed off after having discharged its specified duties and functions or, in the alternative, be reinstated to function afresh, should the need arise. Each sub-committee is allowed to co-opt additional members therein as it deems fit.

12.3 The Executive Board shall appoint Ad hoc committees as required.


13.1 In case of emergency, any matter within the jurisdiction of the Executive Board, save that concerning proposed amendments to the Constitution, may be acted thereupon by postal ballot. In such an event, at least six (6) weeks written prior notice shall have been given by the Secretary to each Country Member, setting forth the matters expressly required to be decided thereupon by postal voting.

13.2 If, after the expiry of the aforesaid six (6) weeks, no reply is forthcoming from a Country Member, it is deemed that the said Country Member shall abstain from voting and, in which case, its vote shall be counted as absentee vote.

13.3 Two (2) days immediately after the aforesaid decision, the Secretary shall inform all Country Members in writing of the result thereof. A simple majority in votes, discounting the aforesaid absentee votes, shall carry the said motion.

14.1 Dues and Fees

14.1.1 The amount of subscription fees and any other payments and the mode of payment connected therewith from Country Members shall be determined from time to time by the Council based on recommendation of the Board.

14.2 Funds

14.2.2 The funds of the Federation shall be deposited by the Treasurer into such bank(s) of the ABSC as may be recommended by the Executive Board and duly ratified by Council.

14.2.3 Outgoing payments shall be duly authorised by the Executive Board.


15.1 Any proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be properly proposed and seconded by the Country Members concerned, with the details thereof to be circulated by the Secretary in advance for an AGM/EGM, as per the Constitution.

15.2 Such a motion shall be sent to the Secretary by the proposer concerned at least ten(10) weeks prior to the aforesaid AGM/EGM. On receiving the same, the Secretary shall forthwith circulate the said motion to all Country Members at least six(6) weeks before the said AGM/EGM. Such proposed amendments shall be duly adopted at the said AGM/EGM, if they are voted in favour thereupon by a two-thirds majority of votes of all Country Members.

16.1 The Federation may by unanimous decision grant the title of Patron to any person or persons or billiards trade organisation in due recognition of the meritorious contributions made towards the billiards sport and/or the Federation. Prior consent of acceptance by the said nominee shall be sought there from by the Executive Board.

17.1 The Executive Board is empowered to enact by-laws for the proper running of the Federation made pursuant to the Constitution. It is further empowered to repeal, amend or add further provisions thereto as necessary from time to time.

17.2 Any said changes to the by-laws as adopted by the Executive Board shall be circulated to all Country Members, giving notice thereto that after a further lapse of two(2) weeks thereof, such changes shall take immediate effect for adoption.

18.1 If, at any time, Country Members by unanimous decision agree to wind up the Federation, the net assets thereof, if any, shall be distributed in such a manner as the Federation at an EGM so especially convened therefor shall decide.


Note: These By-laws are made pursuant to Article 17 of the Constitution

A.1 Country Member

A.1.1 A NSA located within the aFRICAN Region and duly accredited by its NOC, or equivalent, for the billiards sports, shall be eligible to apply for membership as a Country Member on such prescribed forms made available on application to the Secretary.

A.1.2 The billiards sports herein defined shall expressly mean the games of “Snooker” & “English billiards” and, where applicable, shall include pool and carom. Other NSAs devoted to other disciplines of the billiards sports, if they so wish, may equally for ABSF membership.

A.1.3 The African Regions defined herein shall coincide with that as geographically classified by the Olympic Council of Africa (OCA), as per By-law R.0 herein.

A.1.4 All Country Members of the ABSF shall enjoy equal rights of membership as provided for in the Constitution.

A.2 Affiliate Member

A.2.1 A NSA not yet accredited by its NOC for the billiards sports, or any person or trade organisation having an active role in the promotion of the billiards sports, may equally be eligible to apply for an Affiliate Member of the ABSC, on written application to the Secretary.

A.2.2 The approval procedures and fees payable by the Affiliate Members concerned shall be the same as that applicable for Country Members.

A.2.3 Affiliate Members shall have no voting rights nor can they hold any office within the ABSC, save to serve as co-opted members of sub-committees, if duly appointed.

A.3 Membership application procedures & fee payments

A.3.1 A NSA applying for ABSC membership shall submit its application to the Secretary, to be accompanied by the prescribed fees, together with a copy of its constitution and registration certificate recognised by its NOC and/or other equivalent agency, to support its national accreditation status.

A.3.2 The annual membership fees payable to the Federation for both the Country Member and Affiliate Member shall be US$300.

A.3.3 The annual renewal subscription fees shall be US$300, made payable on written demand by the Treasurer on the 1st day of January each year till January 31 thereof.

A.3.4 Payments shall be made direct to the Treasurer or by telegraphic transmission to the appointed bank accounts of the ABSC. If by telegraphic transmission, the remitting Country Member concerned shall extend a copy of the said transmission to the Treasurer.

A.3.5 All payments shall be made to exact sum as stipulated in US currency; any exchange and/or bank charges incurred therefrom shall be wholly borne by the payee Country Members concerned.

A.3.6 Country Members whose annual subscription payments are in arrears exceeding two (2) consecutive years shall cease to be an ABSC member; in consequence thereof, it shall forfeit all rights of membership connected therewith.


B.1 At its first meeting after the applicable AGM, the Executive Officers shall appoint two board members to represent the ABSC in the IBSF.

B.2 Executive Board Members shall serve for a term of four (4) years; on expiry, each is eligible for re-election.

B.3 A Executive Board meeting may be held one day before and/or after an AGM; notice thereof shall be given by the Secretary who shall keep minutes thereof for subsequent circulation to Board members.

B.4 The Board may establish sub-committees for special tasks as required; such committees shall preferably be chaired by an Executive Board Member, who may at his discretion co-opt other suitable members thereto.

B.5 Notwithstanding the aforesaid, the ABSC shall have, if necessary, the following Standing Committees:

B.5.1 Referees Control Panel;

B.5.2 Sports Committee;

B.5.3 Constitution and Membership Committee;

B.5.4 Anti-Doping Committee; and

B.5.5 Finance and Marketing Committee.

B.6 In addition, the Board shall establish and appoint suitable candidates to represent the ABSF on other boards of international bodies.

B.7 Decision-making on all matters (save on Constitution amendments), other than those to be carried by postal ballot, shall be at Board Meetings as scheduled. If by postal ballot, the Secretary shall circulate same to all Board Members at least six (6) weeks in advance, giving one(1) week thereafter for voting. A simple majority votes thereof shall carry the said motions, with absentee replies being counted as an absentation.

C.1 Eight (8) weeks before the scheduled AGM, the Secretary shall give written notice thereof to all Country Members, setting out the date, time, place and agenda connected therewith.

C.2 Any motion by a Country Member shall be received by the Secretary at least ten (10) weeks before the said AGM, for its inclusion and required circulation.

C.3 At an AGM where election of Executive Officers is to be held, nominations thereof shall be received by the Secretary for the required circulation at least ten (10) weeks before the said AGM.

C.4 Nominations so received by the Secretary shall contain the following information:

C.4.1 The candidate’s personal particulars, his Country Member and current/past positions held therein; a resume of his track records and his consent to accept nomination;

C.4.2 The names of the proposer and his seconder.

C.5 All nominees, including their proposers and seconders, shall be Country Members who are in benefit in their dues on the day of the said AGM.

C.6 All candidates must have a clear criminal record.

D.1 The President shall call a Board meeting either to coincide with the African championship or at other times as warranted. For a Board meeting, the Secretary shall circulate the notice and agenda thereof to all Board members at least six (6) weeks in advance.

D.2 Any matter requiring voting thereat shall be set out in a proper motion with supporting documents by the Secretary. If any Board member is unable to attend, he may submit his views thereof to the Secretary within two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. There shall be no proxy votes; a simple majority in votes is required to carry the said motion.

E.1 It is the chairman’s discretion in each sub-committee to carry out the tasks so entrusted thereto. The proceedings thereof may be conducted by electronic media or faxes or correspondence; any decision reached thereof shall require no quorum but a simple majority by consensus.

F.1 At an AGM where elections are to be held, the floor shall appoint by majority two(2) scrutineers to oversee the election proceedings.

F.2 The said scrutineers shall not be a candidate standing for any election of office, The scrutineers shall assist in the distribution, collection and counting of the ballots, which results shall be announced by the Secretary at the request of the chairman of AGM. 

F.3 Proxy votes shall not be allowed under any circumstances.

G.1 The Treasurer shall keep an up-dated accounts of the Federation at all times; he shall be the signatory to all out-going remittances thereof, which shall be countersigned thereto by either the President or the Secretary.

G.2 He shall open a bank account(s) of the Federation as decided by the Executive Board; prepare an annual Statement of Accounts,(ending December 31), to be externally audited for due circulation and presentation at the AGM.

G.3 In addition, he is required to prepare and present at the AGM a current un-audited statement accounts of the Federation, not less than one (1) month preceding the date of the said AGM.

G.4 All out-going payments by the Treasurer shall be based on receipts or signed vouchers in support.

G.5 All expenses incurred by each Board member shall be with the prior authority of the Executive Board; if expended under dire emergency, it shall be duly reported to the Board and/or the AGM, whichever comes first.

G.6 For better transparency, unless with the prior approval of the Council, the Board is authorised to approve expenses incurred for and on behalf of the ABSC, based on the following prescribed quota:

G.6.1 President, up to a maximum US$5,000 on any one count;

G.6.2 Executive Officers up to a maximum US$2,000 on any one count;

G.6.2 Executive Board up to a maximum US$10,000 on any one count;

G.6.3 In excess of US$10,000 on any one count, prior approval from the Confederation shall be obtained.

G.7 Notwithstanding the aforesaid, such heads of expenditure incurred shall be duly reported to the Council either by special circulation or by direct report at an AGM, whichever comes first.

G.8 For any contract payments arising from ABSC sponsors/partners, approval for such payments shall have to be initially obtained from Council for subsequent waivers and/or applications without further approval.

G.9 An officer assigned by the ABSC and/or its Executive Board attending official functions representing the ABSC shall be reimbursed for his return economy class airfares and hotel accommodation. In addition, an allowance at the rate of USD 50 per day is payable.

H.1 Bidding procedures

H.1.1 Aside from the annual African snooker championship, the ABSC shall sanction or organise or help to organise such other championships like the African billiards, the African Cup, the African U21 etc. In such an event, the ABSC shall issue separate championship conditions and format of play connected therewith.

H.1.2 Likewise, the ABSC shall exercise such rights to debar any of its Country Members from entering or competing in an unsanctioned tournament that it deems detrimental to the aims and objects of the Federation.

H.1.3 For the annual African snooker championship, a Country Member wishing to play host shall submit its bid to the Secretary or at an AGM, which acceptance shall be decided by the Executive Board or the Council, whichever is applicable, based on such valid grounds of the bid and in the absence of any further bidders.

H.1.4 If the said bid is insufficiently comprehensive, or if it is not firmly committal, the AGM shall direct the said Country Member to confirm subsequently the same in writing to the Secretary within two (2) months thereof.

H.1.5 If there be more than one (1) bidder, the AGM shall decide the offer to the Country Member concerned, based on comparatively more favourable conditions; the remaining unsuccessful Country Members shall be placed on waiting list in the order of priority for subsequent championships

H.2 Championship dates

H.2.1 If duly confirmed, the Host Country concerned shall furnish in writing the exact dates, venue and negotiated hotel tariffs thereof to the Secretary. The championship dates, wherever possible, shall be held within the months of April and May of the year or on any other dates so varied and approved by the Board.

H.2.2 The Secretary shall forward the appropriate entry forms to all Country Members not less than four (4) months before the start of the said championship. Completed entry forms shall be returned within stipulated time, with a copy thereof being extended to the Host Country.

H.2.3 After consulting the Host Country, the Secretary in close liaison with the ABSC Tournament Director, shall circulate the dates set down for the seeding and the draw, immediately after the aforesaid closing of entries.

H.2.4 After the draw, no further changes thereto shall be allowed under any circumstances, save that, in extreme exigency, prior approval for minor changes from the ABSF shall have to be obtained.

H.2.5 Before the start of the said championship, the venue and the match-tables shall have to be checked and approved by the ABSC Tournament Director.

I.1 The Host Country is permitted to source its own sponsor(s) for the said championship. Notwithstanding this, if there be a subsisting partner(s) entered into by agreement with the ABSF, it is a pre-condition herewith that the sponsor(s) of the Host Country shall share proportionally with the aforesaid ABSC partner(s), in areas of publicity and advertising for the said championship. By such an arrangement, the ABSC shall endeavour its utmost to secure certain financial subsidy for the Host Country concerned.

I.2 In addition, the Host Country is to facilitate the said ABSC partner(s) to install their overhead webcam at the venue, for the purpose of internet broadcasting for the said championship.

I.3 The Host Country is further required to provide a suitable area, with internet connecting facilities adjoining the said venue, to enable the said ABSF partner(s) set up their own “internet café”. All computer hardwares connected therewith, however, shall be the responsibility of the said partner(s).

J.1 All Country Members are eligible to enter the African championship, to be represented by eight (8) players and one (1) delegate by each participating Country Member; the Host Country is entitled to enter sixteen (16) players and one (1) delegate, excluding its President who shall be the accredited ABSC Vice-President for the said championship.

J.2 The reigning champion (including the current ABSC U21 Champion, if any, and the IBSF Champion, (if he is an African) shall be entitled to enter, if the travelling expenses thereof are to be borne by their own Country Members, with hotel accommodation and per diem payments to be borne by the Host Country, on the same basis as other entered players.

J.3 If, after the closing of entries, there are absentees or last-minute withdrawals, the Host Country is allowed to enter, additionally, up to a maximum of 5 players, provided always that no more than two (2) players from any one Country Member are allowed to compete in each group in the round-robin stages.

J.4 Although all Country Members are invited to participate, Member Countries whose annual membership subscriptions are in arrears consecutively for two (2) or more years after the stipulated closing date of entries, shall be disqualified to enter.

K.1 Economy return air-passages for the ABSC President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be borne by the ABSC; however, their hotel accommodation, breakfast shall be borne thereto by the Host Country.

K.2 Other Executive Board Members attending Board meeting(s) held in conjunction of the championship shall be borne their expenses by the ABSC for the express purpose and duration of the said meeting(s)

L.1 The Host Country shall provide meeting facilities for the AGM, to be preceded by a Board meeting and, if necessary, another one after the AGM. As far as is practical, the said AGM shall be held within the last five (5) days of the championship period.

L.2 A Technical Committee meeting, chaired by the ABSF Tournament Director or any other available Executive Officers, shall be held one (1) day before the start of the championship. This meeting shall be attended by all participating delegates/players with the object of fine-tuning all the championship rules and conditions for adoption at the said championship. If needed, a press conference may be convened hereat by special arrangement of the Host Country.

L.3 The Host Country is entitled to organise the Opening & Closing Ceremony connected therewith in a simple but dignified manner; advance notice shall be given to the ABSF to delegate its Executive Officer(s) to officiate at such functions. Site visits, if any, are left to the discretion of the Host Country.

M.1 The Host Country is at liberty to provide higher prize moneys as it wishes for each of the following winners; under no circumstance, however, shall such prize moneys be less than the following stipulated :

1st prize US$1,000 cash (plus challenge trophy + replica)

2nd prize US$500 cash

3rd prize US$ 300 cash

4th prize US$ 250 cash

Highest break (over 100 pts) US$ 100 cash

M.2 At times, it may be necessary for the ABSF to include certain incentives to the aforesaid winning prizes

M.3 Challenge trophies for the African champion shall be provided for by the ABSF; replicas thereof and other trophies for the remaining winners shall be borne by the Host Country. The highest break shall be over a century in points and is to be governed by the player who first made such a break.




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